“It Burns” is inspired by reality. Under our kitchen table there’s a landscape of crumbs and dried up food. Luna lives here, ya know. She’s 4… so…
Anyway, one day we had a bunch of ants under the table that were disassembling the food.  Hauling it off to their colony somewhere.  As I was cleaning the floor, I noticed a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto. I wondered how ants would react to it.

Anyways… This is how comic strips are born.

As an aside, I like FHC’s. I’m into hot sauces and spicy foods, and Cheetos are pretty much food of the gods, so it’s a great combination.

John Vogel

↓ Transcript
What the?!
Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! B- burns! I- it Burns!
I don't use a magnifying glass anymore. Now I just feed them flamin' Hot Cheetos.