I’m curious if this strip gets any ‘buzz’ from the pot-smokin’ crowd. I hope it does.  If you are a proponent of weed, please show this strip some love by sharing it with as many of your friends as possible.  I’d really appreciate it!  Not because I ‘partake’… cuz I don’t… but because I’d really like to get as much exposure for “Skitter” as possible… lol

And by the way… It has been brought to my attention that bees don’t get high from cannibus plants.  But if you can accept that this bee has pigtails and leg warmers, I think we’re good.


This weekend I successfully cloned my crappy 5400 rpm hard drive to a speedy SSD drive! Now I can spit out more Work In Progress videos much faster for you awesome Patreon supporters!


And speaking of Patreon, this weekend I uploaded 5 new comics that only my Patreon patrons can see… and way before the rest of the world.  I also uploaded the pencil art for those same strips that ONLY Skitter patrons can see!



This weekend I also spent an afternoon with my 2-year-old daugher.  We walked to a nearby lake and played at a playground.

Finding time to create comic strips can absorb every one of my brain cells sometimes.  I become obsessed with getting more done. Every moment I can squeeze in some comic work, I do.  But it was nice outside and I saw Luna sitting there playing with her new iPad and thought,”Time to be a daddy.”

So I put down the Wacom and strapped on our shoes.

Luna’s fun to explore with.  Everything is new to her.  Picking up a handful of dried grass clippings and tossing them in the air is a big deal. Playgrounds are a wonderland. I love watching her brave the slides or chill on the swings.

She didn’t want to go home, “Paygown?!”  (“playground”), but it was getting colder and I didn’t want her to get sick.  I carried her on my shoulders the mile walk home.  I could tell she was fallīng asleep by the heaviness on my head. When I walked in the house I handed her to her mommy, who sealed the deal with some couch cuddling.  Busy days at the park with her dad can tucker her out.

I was wiped out as well.

It was a great Sunday afternoon.  Somtimes I just gotta put down the comics and appreciate my kid. She won’t be a toddler for long. I don’t wanna miss it.

See you Thursday!



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TRIXIE: “Makin’ honey… It’s my callin’… I’m a busy little bee… gotta get that pollen! Heh… suddenly I feel kinda… Fuzzy.  Gonna take a break… It’s all because… this busy little bee… has found her buzz…”