When I was in 6th grade, I broke my foot pretty bad on playground swings.  I went too high and the chain unhooked.  I had to have surgery.  During my time in the hospital I was loaded up with Mad Magazines.  It was pretty awesome.  I think I still have those issues.

Mad Magazine was a major influence in my early artistic and specifically cartooning career. I liked the mischievous nature of it. I specifically gravitated toward the Don Martin cartoons and would draw them all the time.  Somewhere I have “A Mad Look At Kiss” which was a cross between Don Martin and the rock group Kiss.  If I can find that drawing, I’ll post it here.

Mobile APP

I pulled the trigger last night and activated the Skitter iPhone app. It still has to go through the Apple approval process, but I’m pretty excited. Once it’s available for download, I’ll set up the Android version.  Then the iPad version.

The APP will be free, so I encourage you all to grab it once it’s available!


Enjoy today’s comic!



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LUNA: “But there’s two swings! We can share!”

TOMMY: “Wrong!  They’re both mine! Now buzz off!”

LUNA: “You’re mean!! Why is Tommy such a bully?! I wish someone would bully HIM!”

JACK: “Enjoy your swings, BUZZ-HOLE…”