“Halloween Costume”

This comic is based on a real Halloween costume event.  Kate’s been taking Luna (<2.5yrs) to a bunch of those pop-up Halloween costume stores to give her a sense of what Halloween is and allow her to decide on her costume.  Originally she wanted to be a witch.  Then it was Thor.  Then she discovered the poop emoji costume and screamed and cried that she had to have it.

I wanted to get it for her!  I thought it was hillarious! Kate was totally against it. We’re not going to be ‘those parents’ who dressed their toddler as a pile of shit.  But as we embarked on another costume hunt, Luna kept talking about the “poop with the face”.  She really wanted it. Kate softened her stance and even suggested adding flies on springs.  Genius.

At the Halloween store, Luna instantly pointed out “poop face”.  She wanted it.  To me, it looked too big and bulky for her.  We opened it up to at least try it before buying it.  Alas… Luna was scared of it.  I don’t think she really understood that she was suposed to WEAR it.

Sooo… No poop emoji costume… this year…

We ended up getting her a Peter Pan costume at the Disney store.  She looks cute as hell.  Not as cute as fly-covered poop, though.

John Vogel white

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