Indeed, I find using Q-Tips to be quite enjoyable.  Just spinning ’em in my ear is heaven.  And if a huge glob of ear wax comes out, it’s even more satisfying.  They used to make a variety with wooden sticks that were THE BOMB!  Wish I could find those, but they don’t seem to make ’em anymore.
The idea for this strip popped into my head (much like a Q-Tip) as an explanation for how Jack got his head injury in the following strip “Accident”.  Tune in next time to see what happens!

Oh! And check out this awesome birthday card artist and Skitter fan Kelsey D’Amico drew for me!  You might remember from the comic strip “Let’s Do This” she guest-drew with me.

Birthday card from Kelsey D'Amico


John Vogel white

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