TODAY’S COMIC: “Let’s Do This”

After seeing Kelsey D’amico’s fan art of Jack, I had to say- “Let’s do this.”  Today’s comic is a collaboration between myself and Kelsey, who has done a lot of really nice Mortal Kombat fan art.  Thank you Kelsey!  It was a blast working with you!  This one turned out great!



Skitter iPhone AppSkitter Mobile App

In other news, I’m working on a Skitter app for the iPhone.  I have the capability to do iPad and Galaxy versions as well.

The app will feature a link to the web site, an RSS feed of the web site, a photo gallery, video gallery, shopping cart, and whatever else I can cram into it.  I also believe it will send push notifications for new Skitter comic strips. The app will be free, so you might as well grab it when it’s released!






Enjoy today’s comic!



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↓ Transcript

JACK AND CHIP: "Hey! A peanut butter cup! I saw it first!"

JACK: "Oh, it's on..."

CHIP: "Let's do this..."

JACK: "Mum- tyberon... rashah- gorshamel!"

CHIP: "Nickti Nechtaran!"

JACK: "Graddah! Vakka!"

CHIP: "KorraDAN!"

JACK: "Rock!"

CHIP: "Scissors... Damn"