In a fight between Jack and Gary, who do you think would win?   ANSWER: Gary. He uses the art of “Fighting Without Fighting”.

So you finally get to met Gary, Reen’s imaginary friend.  Not what you were expecting?  Well, what was YOUR imaginary friend like? I didn’t have one, although, when I was maybe 3 or 4, I would run around our coffee table pretending the Partridge Family was running around it with me.


Patreonpatreon artist card Jack

I intended to whip up some artist cards for my Patreon supporters this week, and I did get pretty far, but not without some difficulty.

First, my printer wouldn’t print the template to the edges of the paper and cropped some of it to boot. So, I bought a new printer that would.

Second, I intended to print the template on bristol paper and paint with watercolors.  It would have looked nice! But the new printer doesn’t like bristol and goes into error mode. Somehow… ‘it knows’ …

So I printed on copier paper, glued it to the bristol to add rigidity, and inked on that. I’ll watercolor next weekend.  I already started practicing so I know how to do it.  What I discovered is that watercolors don’t work well on copier paper.


skitter shadow boxFan Art!

I want to thank Mike and Rhiannon McDaniel for making me this awesome Skitter shadow box!!  Check this thing out!


Enjoy today’s comic!






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↓ Transcript

LUNA: "My spider versus your imaginary Friend!"
JACK: "Let's do this..."
GARY: "Let's not. I'm an imaginary friend, not an imaginary enemy."
JACK: "Aw, c'mere, buddy..."
LUNA: "Yeah, Jack! Choke Hold!"
REEN: "Crush'm, Gary! Crush him!!"