TODAY’S COMIC: “Jack The Spider”

Is Jack the spider… real? I dunno.  But this one made me laugh.  The idea that the cute teddy-bear-like spider you’ve been reading about is really a big huge spider cracked me up.  Makes you wonder if he isn’t an imaginary friend himself, but in a different way.

The idea for this strip originated from the original concept of Skitter.  I wanted there to be perception issues between bugs and humans. Bugs had a hard time even seeing humans clearly because they were so big and far away.  Humans had a hard time seeing bugs for the “people” they really were.  There was a strip I wanted to do where Martin the cockroach finally came face to face with a woman.  He saw her as a blurry image.  She saw him as… a cockroach. I never did that strip, but it kinda lives in this one.



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↓ Transcript

LUNA: "Hey, Reen, Where's your imaginary friend, Gary?"
REEN: "Oh, he's around."
LUNA: "Well meet my real Friend... Jack the spider!"
LUNA: "Don't mind her. I think you're cute."