This is the third installment of the mini-story I like to call “The Shards of Cocktail”

How was your Labor Day weekend?  Mine was pretty good. I got to play with my daughter at a nearby park.  Not even a year and a half and she can rock a playground.  Even wants to go down slides all by herself.  Daddy is proud.

Tomorrow I’ll be publicly announcing a new video I posted, but since you’re already visiting… just click here to see it.

See you Thursday for the next episode of “The Shards of Cocktail” saga!  (and my personal favorite strip so far)

– John

↓ Transcript
NARRATION: "The Shards of Cocktail must be made one... A blade for Martin... cockroach king... Named by father, now by son..."

MARTIN: "I think I'm gonna call you Sti-"

BILL: "Ah - AH!"

MARTIN: "Er... Stung!... Stabbie?... Prickle?... Poker?"