This week I was reading an article online ( or maybe it was a video ) that pointed out how many characters on “Game Of Thrones” have had their wieners cut off.
Then I saw another article about Bruce – I meanCAITLYN Jenner’s bits. Apparently he -oops! I mean – SHE confirmed she had an operation to have his – dammit! – guy-junk turned into lady-junk.

It seemed like a fun idea to explore; How would the characters from GoT react to hearing someone intentionally hacked up their own manhood?

The last panel isn’t an exact quote from… Jenner… but it’s close.

Poor GoT guys.

John Vogel white

P.S. I couldn’t believe this is how you spell ‘eunuch’.  If I ruled the world, I’d decree it be spelled it ‘unic’.  *shrug*


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