“Little Finger”

I got the idea for this Little Finger comic from the childrens’ cartoons my daughter loves.  That damn “Finger Family” song is always on.  I don’t mind when Luna sings it, but I can do without all the different versions “Happy Kids” (Check your Roku) strings together one after the other.

As for “Game of Thrones,” my personal theory is that Little Finger wins the throne.  If not forever, then at least for a time.  He’s just got the best method for winning. He’s a planner and schemer.  He came from humble beginings and yet he’s acended so far already.

My only problem is that I can’t figure out if he’s a good guy or a bad guy, or if he’d make a fair and compassionate ruler or not.  He has a nursery in his brothel, and he mentors Robin, so he seems like a good guy.  At the same time he kills those who betray him or who stand in his way.

This Labor Day weekend I worked a lot on Skitter.  I completed a strip, created a ton of Skitter avatars, created 4 new WIP videos, posted a bunch of  pencil art and WIP images to Patreon, and made a lot of progress formatting and uploading strips to Webtoons.  Very busy weekend.  I’m beat…


200 x 200 AVATARS OF THIS COMIC are available right now to Skitter Patreon patrons…

SKITTER AVATARS_Direct Message_LF1_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Direct Message_LF2_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Direct Message_LF3_50 SKITTER AVATARS_Direct Message_LF4_50