TODAY’S COMIC: “You’re A Joke”

“You’re a joke” clearly refers to a certain presidential candidate as this election season storyline continues. But enough about the comic.  Let’s talk about something that ISN’T a joke that happened since the last comic…


Yes, that’s right! Now you can get your Skitter fix anywhere! Every comic is easily accessable in the palm of your hand! And it’s free!  Just search for “Skitter”… scroll down past the “Skritter” apps (seriously?)… and there it is!

I’m pretty excited about it.  I hope you all download it.  Let’s see how this evolves!


This weekend I was *this close* to finishing a new Patreon promo video. I decided to change one segment to include tweets from fans like you.  Already a good number of you have agreed to let me use your tweets, and I am very grateful. Thank you!  I’ll probably finish the video this coming weekend.

See ya Thursday!