TODAY’S  COMIC: “Imaginary Friend”

Who is Reen and what could her imaginary friend look like?  “Tentacles?”  This could be the fight of the century! Or at least the fight of the morning, before lunch. Or maybe during lunch.  Or maybe at recess. Whenever.  It’s gonna be epic!


Last week was a pretty successful one for Skitter on Reddit!  “Centipede Human” got almost 100 upvotes on r/funny, and about 23 on both r/comics and r/webcomics!  But the really weird thing was that I put “Humans Love Spiders” on r/spiders just for yucks and it got over 100 upvotes!  I didn’t think there were even 100 people on that subreddit!

Thanks to those of you who upvoted Skitter! I appreciate it greatly!


Another amazing development is the influx of Patreon supporters Skitter got this past week! It’s feels good to be appreciated. To show MY appreciation, I’ve started working on sketch cards for everyone who’s become my patron.  This includes any of you who become Skitter Patreon subscribers in the near future as well.  I figure I’ll do images of Jack in watercolors.  So join the club and get your very own original Skitter art!  The first of it’s kind!  Sure to become collectors items!


↓ Transcript

LUNA: "Reen thinks she's so cool cuz she brings her imaginary friend, Gary, to school every day... Wait 'til she sees my real spider - Jack!"
JACK: "I'm gonna kick Gary's imaginary butt!"
LUNA: "YAY! Just watch out for his tentacles."
JACK: "Tuh-tentacles?"