TODAY’S COMIC: “Golden Ratio”

I was watching a documentary about the history of math, and they mentioned the “Golden Ratio”.  Or maybe they called it the “Golden Measure“.  Or the “Golden Mean”.  I think it’s all the same thing. What struck me was how one version of it looked a bit like panels of a comic strip.  That was the inspiration for this strip.

Luna Returns

Next week Jack’s friend Luna, the little girl plagued with arachnophobia, will be returning! The storyline between her and Jack went over well, so I’m making her a permanent cast member of Skitter… as well as adding some new characters.




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↓ Transcript

JACK: "Golden ratio?"
JOHN: "Yeah. It's this really interesting measurement that occurs in nature."
JACK: "What's it do?"
JOHN: "I'm not quite sure, but very famous people have used it in architecture, music, and art... I thought it might add a little class to our comic strip as well!"
JACK: "Whoa! What the hell jut happened?"
JOHN: "See, the next panel is a 'golden ratio' smaller than the previous one!"
JACK: "When does it stop?!"
JOHN: "It doesn't! It just keeps going on like this forever!"
JACK: "John, you are messing with forces you do not understand!"
JOHN: "How so?"