“Isis Or Treat”

One day, as I was watching a kids show with Luna that featured a pirate singing about how cool it was to be a pirate, it dawed on me how weird it is that pirates are considered cute enough for kids.  I mean, they were killers, robbers, and rapists.

When you consider that Isis is basically a group of killers, robbers, and rapists as well, would you let your kid dress like one for Halloween?  Of course not.  So I started thinking about why Pirates are OK and Isis is not.


Maybe a couple hundred years is enough distance for society to forget history.  By then, little Nazis might be marching down our streets demanding candy as well.   Aaaawwwwww….  Those blue eyes and blonde hair are so SCARY!

I’m not really this cranky about the subject.  I don’t mind if pirates are cool now.  I was just thinkin’ thoughts.

John Vogel white


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