When you think little girls and their Barbie collections, one thing that comes to mind is that the Barbies are always naked. Usually heaped in a box like a big plastic orgy.

I wanted to do a comic that played on that idea. You’d think that the dolls would resent being left naked like that.  But what if they liked it?

Once I was done drawing the box of naked Barbies and Ken, I got a bit nervous.  Is this too adult?

I chickened out and did an alternate last panel that showed the outside of the box.  No naked Barbies. Totally watered down.

I posted both versions to Patreon HERE. After a discussion with Skitter patron Sargoun, I decided that the original version was probably the better of the two.  I made the naked doll version the official one.

And here it is in all it’s naked glory!

John Vogel white