TODAY’S COMIC: “Little Girls”

Little girls ARE fire hazards! This strip is autobiographical!  There are girls living in my house right now who are much worse than the girl depicted in this comic strip . I am seriously concerned.

It’s all about the stuffed animals and dirty clothing lying around.  And the power strip in bed so they can still text their friends all comfy-like.  What the heck, girls?

Maybe I should play “Backdraft” for them some day soon.




UPDATE: 2016-12-30

In an effort to make my older comics a bit better, I’ve been altering s few of them.  This is one.  It’s a minor change.  Mostly just dialogue. The original version is still viewable in the above video.

↓ Transcript
JACK: "Ya know, it only occurred to me just now... little girls are freakin' FIRE HAZARDS..."