TODAY’S COMIC: “School Bully”

I remember dealing with my first school bully.  I was in first grade.  He was a year older than me and tried to fight me in the bathroom.  Problem was, he was scrawnier than me and I kicked his ass.  Jump ahead to about the 6th grade and I was cornered by a group of neighborhood bullies behind a convenient store. They still beat me up, but they voiced their appreciation that I fought back; Meaning they were impressed.  They weren’t used to dangerous prey and didn’t bother me again for years.

To any kids dealing with bullies at school, I have this to say: Punch ’em as hard as you can even if it means getting hit yourself. Just do it. It pays off in the long run.

I realize that some schools have tough policies against fighting, but really the only way to deal with a bully is to freakin’ hit em’ hard.  I highly recommend it.  If more schools would understand that bullies are a fact of life and dealing with them is a skill to be learned, there would be fewer bullies. Bullies hate being hit.

Anyways… Meet Tommy. Class bully. He sucks at art.


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LUNA: “Tommy, can I use the blue?”
TOMMY: “Shove off, jerk!”
LUNA: “Jack! Tommy won’t share paints!”
JACK: “Go back and MAKE that punk share! NEVER let a bully push you around!”
LUNA: “‘Kay”

↓ Transcript

LUNA: "Tommy, can I use the blue?"
TOMMY: "Shove off, jerk!"
LUNA: "Jack! Tommy won't share paints!"
JACK: "Go back and MAKE that punk share! NEVER let a bully push you around!"
LUNA: "'Kay"