TODAY’S COMIC: “Pooping With A Smartphone – Take 2”

I didn’t know what else to call this one besides “Pooping With A Smartphone 2”.  Yes there is a “1” in case you missed it 2 strips ago.

I guess the idea for this one came to me while I was thinking about the first strip and the words took on a different meaning.  So I just went with it.  It just cracked me up to think of a farting smartphone.

The punch line of this joke is about something that angers me and I’m sure angers you all as well: you buy a new phone and it works great.  Then therevis an O.S. update and things get slower.  Another update and it’s even worse.  I’m at a point with Apple where I don’t update until I have to.  There’s just no point.  Things won’t get better, they will only get worse. My phone will get the shits.


↓ Transcript
CHIP: "WHOOOOAAH! Courtesy flush, please!"

SMARTPHONE: "Heh! Sorry! Downloaded the new operating system at lunch..."