If you’ve read the Skitter archives, you might remember THIS COMIC .  It was one of my most popular strips.  Luna’s dad didn’t believe her when she told him about the “big scary spider”.  Well, now it’s Daddy’s turn to get pranked!

And in unrelated news, this weekend (the real) Luna and I were sitting on the floor together — me sitting Indian-style and her sitting in the “daddy chair” that are my folded legs.  As she played a game on her iPad Mini, my legs got pins-and-needles.  I stretched out my left leg to remedy the situation.  Luna must have had the same issue because she blurted, “AAAAAHH!  My leg is covered with glitter!”

Toddlers say the cutest things…

That’s it for now!  See you next week!

John Vogel white

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