TODAY’S COMIC: Spider Food


Chip is spider food once again. I used to have pet wolf spiders as a kid. I would feed them crickets I caught. When they bit into a cricket you could hear a very prominent crunch.

The thing I’m most proud of in this strip is the popsicle stick and scotch tape splint on Jack’s arm.  Genius. lol.

A Little Bit Of Change…

I was working on the Skitter ebook again this weekend. One thing that struck me was that the profanity, although infrequent, isn’t really necessary. I think it’s somewhat of a turn-off.  And it seems out of place with the ‘cute’ bug characters (and now a ‘cute’ little girl).  So I’ve made up my mind to replace the curse words with words that are similar but not too offensive. This doesn’t mean I’ll be changing the content.  Poop jokes are always welcome in Skitter.  Just the swear words will be removed.  That’s kinda the beauty of a web comic.  I can change stuff.

Some comics that changed are: “Baby Tolkein”, “Hand Of Fate”, “First Blood”, “Jack’s Clues”, “Ant Man”“The Cricket Bard”,  “Prank”, and “$#!& Hole”… which was originally titled with the bad word.

And now for something completely different…

I switched off the Roku when my kid went down for a nap and turned DirecTV back on.  I just happened to catch an episode of “The Brady Bunch” right at this buggy moment….

Enjoy today’s tasty comic!





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↓ Transcript

JACK: "Uuuhhnnn"
LUNA: "You're awake! You fell from the window..."
JACK: "You mean you dropped me."
LUNA: "... Now you're in the hospital!"
JACK: "This is a doll house."
LUNA: "I caught some spider food for you... A nice juicy cricket!"
JACK: "You're right aboit one thing. He is indeed a cricket."
CHIP: "But this ain't "juice"..."