I just realized this is the Nightmare AFTER Christmas…

Ever wake up from a nightmare and still feel like the nightmare was real even though you know it wasn’t? Yeah, never happens to me either.
Here’s an interesting fun fact about me and bad dreams:

I went through a period where I was having some bad nightmares. I was even waking up and seeing odd things.

One day I was watching some show about ghosts and some ghost hunting crew was investigating a demon that kept intimidating a little girl every night. They did an electromagnetic scan of her room and discovered her clock was spitting out a lot of it. They moved the clock to across the room and she never saw the demon again. She slept fine.

Apparently strong EM signals can affect the brain.  So I moved my clock radio a foot further away. No more nightmares.

Luna doesn’t have a clock, but sometimes she’ll wake up from a nightmare. “Uncle Eric gone!” Clearly she dreamed something bad happened to her uncle that night.

On the topic of bugs on your bed (this comic), the only time I can recall a situation like this comic strip was when I was in Boy Scouts on a camp out. I woke up in the morning and there was a huge spider squished on my chest. I must have rolled over on it.

Creepy, huh?


I posted a few things to Patreon this weekend:  A new comic called “Cruel“( a parody of “Game Of Thrones”), pencil art for “Cruel”, WIP images for “Cruel”,  and new avatars!

I’m also typing up an announcement revealing a new Patreon reward.  I’m planning on posting it on January 2nd.

Pleasant dreams!

John Vogel white

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