This is the last in the “Who would you be” series.  The previous strips were “Bill Gates“, “Grown Up Luna“, and “John Lennon
I was going to finish with a flip of “John Lennon” where chip asks Gypsy what she’d be, but I couldn’t think of anything funny.  I COULD poke fun at Hillary Clinton again.
I went through a few versions of this one. Some had Hillary in the 3rd panel. Ultimately I chose to save her ’til the last panel so her reveal was, in effect, the punch line. ch line.
I don’t know if you noticed, but I used some mild profanity in all but one of the last 4 strips.  This isn’t meant to be a permanent thing, it just worked out that way.  Good thing Luna can’t read yet, though.  She already knows how to say “Holy Shit” just from listening to… people… talking…
I’m a bad potty-mouthed daddy.


John Vogel white

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