TODAY’S COMIC: “Passing Through”

“Passing Through” is inspired by those memes on Facebook my chronically depressed friends post to make themselves feel better. They’ll be some calming images with text written on them that seem like sage advice.  Sometimes it’s a sentence that is first written, and then written again backwards… as if the fact that the same words can say something in reverse as well makes them profound:  “If you love life, life will love you back.”

Just because you can say it backwards and forwards, doesn’t make it true.  It’s just poetic.  But people believe in these poems like they believe dreams can foretell the future. I guess if it makes them feel better, who am I to say otherwise.

So here is my meme – making fun of memes. I’m not depressed, but it makes me feel better to share it with you all.


Tuesday’s comic, “Laika” was well received on Reddit! Well… in two places anyway. The third ignored it completely. The subreddit r/funny gave it an awesome 535 upvotes!  r/webcomics gave it an generous 35!      r/comics gave it… drum roll please… zero.

That’s a huge difference.  So it was either a big hit, or a total flop.  *shrug*

Oh well.  I liked it.  Hope you did too!

See you next week!



GYPSY: “Not everyone in your present is meant to be in your future.  Some people are merely “passing through” to teach you lessons in life. And some are just plain jerks.”