I can’t remember where I first learned about Laika.  I think it was in a documentary. I was curious as to what had happened to the first living creature to make it to orbit, so I Googled her… and was pretty pissed about what I had found out.  Seriously, folks, ya just don’t do stuff like that to a dog.  What kind of heartless bastards were running the Russian space program back then?

People suck.

On to other subjects…


The previous comic strip was about Comcast and their crappy menu. Aside from that, the upside to having Comcast is the ability to binge-watch “Game Of Thrones”! We’re almost caught up!  Just a couple more episodes or so.  DAMN this show is good! We were watching the 3rd and 2nd-to-last episodes of the 5th season and all I could say was, “This is a TV show? This is like a freaking feature film every episode!

I’ve even been listening to the audio book as I work during the day. I finised the first book and started the second today.  Speaking as a Tolkein fan, I think this might even be better than LOTR.  Or at least it’s written better. The characters are really well thought out.

What do y’all think?


This weekend I cranked out 2 work-in-progress videos for my Patreon supporters. Click here if you’d like to become a patron and see them.  I’ll have more soon, as my new suped-up computer makes things much faster to do. I also started shooting a new Patreon promo video to replace the old one.

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JACK: “Today we’re ging to learn aboit Laika… the first dog in space!”

LUNA: “We like Laika!”

JACK: “In 1957, Laika had been a lowly stray wandeeing the streets of Moscow…”

LUNA: “Poor puppy.”

JACK: “But when she was launched into orbit on Sputnik 2, she became a national hero in the Soviet Union!”

LUNA: “YAY PUPPY! I bet there was a puppy parade when she got back!”

JACK: “Actually, they never intended to bring her home… In fact, she died from overheating and panic just a few hours after launch.  Laika’s body circled the Earth 2570 before finally burning up on reentry in April 1958.”