TODAY’S COMIC: “Pokemon Go”

So here is my “Pokemon Go” story…

On July 4th of this year, my family and I were walking home from a local Independence Day festival when I got this incredible idea for a mobile game: What if a game allowed you to find hidden stuff through your mobile phone’s camera?!  Like a treasure hunt! You’d be walking around your neighborhood and, through your phone, you could see the items and… collect ’em all!

I couldn’t believe no one had thought of it already!

Shortly thereafter, “Pokemon Go” debuted.

As I’ve heard and read, better games than PG already existed, but apparently nobody knows about them. Sorry, other games. You lose.

“PG” is the big winner and seems to be trailblazing a new era in augmented reality. I really can’t wait to see what new technologies evolve from this little app with worldwide appeal.