TODAY’S COMIC: “Sand Castle”

When I was little, we had a sandbox in the back yard that my brothers and I would make sand castles in. “Sand forts” would probably be a better definition. They had long walls for positioning our army guys, we parked our tanks in the courtyards, and the battles would rage every summer.  This was old school warfare before video games, kids.

We usually had hamsters as pets and would let them dig around freely in the sandbox as we played.  They loved it. Then one day a big fat cricket went hopping by and, to our horror (and amazement), the hamster devoured the cricket like she had discovered her true calling!  We didn’t even know hamsters ate stuff like that!!

Needless to say, we fed her a few crickets in the following days with the same result. Who knew a cuddwy widdow hamster could be so vicious?

The election ended Tuesday, so this comic begins a series of mildly summer-themed strips.  Enjoy!