This continues the “Ancient Aliens”  saga.  After finishing this comic, It dawned on me that I can use these guys to make some really wild things happen in the strip. I’m not gonna say what yet, but it could make things interesting. 
For now, they’re just Luna’s babysitters.

Skitter’s First Comicon!

This weekend I attended Schaumburg Library’s Comic Con.  It was an interesting experience for me since I’ve never done one before.  Funny thing is that my first visitor had never been to a comic con before.  A fitting start!
Schaumburg Library Comic Con 2017_1
Yeah I realize the presentation was a bit… messy… and believe it or not, that was intentional.  But I learned a lot and have some different ideas for how to present things at the next con.  One of which is to keep the foam core comics in a bin.  Another is to have a small flat panel monitor that can display what’s on my tablet so folks can watch me draw. I already bought that. Should be fun!
Another thing I’m working on are foam core displays that will describe what Skitter is and how people can read it so they won’t have to talk to me unless they want to.  It was interesting how, if I started a convo with people, they would be intimidated and ‘skitter’ away. I can relate.  I hate walking into a store and hearing “May I help you?” But if I left them alone, they would sometimes ask me what Skitter was about and chat for a while.  Some even subscribed to Skitter email!  If that was you, welcome aboard!
Also interestng were the fortune cookies I had on the table.  At first, no one ate any.  Then I started to notice them disappearing quite rapidly and had to refill the cup! Turns out some kids discovered them and were coming back for more.  My brother described it as “Feeding the fish”.  Next time I’ll have personalized messages, so if that happens again, I can have some messages be, “Another fortune cookie? Slow your roll, homie!”
A few Skitter fans showed up to say hi.  Sargoun Hawil, Cary Hedrick, Anthony Wenc, My brother Peter and my niece Morgan.  Even Kate and Luna made an appearance! As well, friends and coworkers of mine had their own tables… Steph Stanga, Tom Bacon, (a guy going by a fake name that I forgot), and the creator of Dust Bunny Mafia, Bret Juliano.
All-in-all it was a great experience!  Can’t wait to do another one. Hope to see you there!
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