“Hammer Time”

Originally I had a completely different idea for “Hammer Time”.  I wanted to do something about Hillary destroying her cell phones.  I was almost done with it, when Kate pitched a different concept where Luna was destroying a phone instead of Hillary.

Damn, if her idea wasn’t a better approach.  And it used Skitter characters, which my original idea didn’t.  So I went with her concept and whipped up this comic in a record-breaking 3 hours.

I’m still posting my original idea next week because… well… it was a lot of work to draw it and the concept is still not so bad.  *shrug*

John Vogel white


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skitter-avatars_hammer-time_luna1_50 skitter-avatars_hammer-time_phone1_50 skitter-avatars_hammer-time_phone2_50 skitter-avatars_hammer-time_phone3_50