“Trump Won”

So Trump won the election.  Half the people are happy… half are freaked out. Yeah, he’s a douche, but I honestly don’t think he’s gonna be as bad as the second half think.  My money is on Trump really taking things seriously and not grabbing anyone by the kitty cat while in office.  He’s already shown that he can move to the center.

For example:

– Although he said he’d throw Hillary in prison (which I still think should happen), he’s backed off of that.  
– He’s proving that he can work with people even if he’d previously been at odds with them (Haley and Romney)
– Some Dems are willing to work wih him (Sanders, Warren)
– He’s not repealing EVERYTHING about Obamacare.
– The wall on the southern border might not be an actual wall.
– And I don’t believe Trump’s ever threatened Gays or Trans even during the campaign.  In fact, he commended the crowd at the RNC for applauding one of the gay speakers (yes, there was an actual homosexual speaking at the RNC).  I keep hearing people callin’ Trump a homophobe, but I can’t figure out what situation gave them that impression.  Tell me, please.

I think it’s pretty cool that he’s already working even though he’s months away from taking the oval office.  The fact that he’s negotiating with Carrier to save American jobs is reassuring.  He’s looking out for the middle class.

Still, a lot of people are nervous.  He said a lot of crazy stuff during the campaign, so the backlash is his own fault. A couple of his picks for key positions are concerning. I still don’t think people need to worry nearly as much as they have been.
I’ll be happy if he just stops tweeting.

That’s my 2 cents, and I’m…

John Vogel white


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