TODAY’S COMIC: “Negative Energy”

I don’t know if positive or negative energy is a real thing. I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I’ve seen a lot of strange stuff, but I’ve never seen anything to make me believe there’s one all-powerful force controlling everything. There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.  (heh)

But I was out one night a few years ago with some friends and I overheard this woman talking about how she transferred her negative energy into a tree.  Like somehow that cleansed her.  The first thought I had was, “She’s freakin’ nuts.”  The second thought I had was, “If it WAS true… what a crappy thing to do to a tree!!”

I had the idea to turn this encounter into a comic strip, but I needed to know for sure if this was a common thing, or if she was just a lone crazy lady.  Turns out… she’s not alone!

Tree Spirits:

“When you have found a suitable tree slowly approach it from a distance of about eight meters. Do this with an attitude of respect, after all the tree can’t move away from you and you are coming in its space. With hands stretched out in front of you, palms facing towards the tree walk very slowly until you feel the first layer of the tree’s aura. Stop at this point and introduce yourself to the tree.”

Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated:

Tree Hugger


Well… I guess now I’ll have to go outside and hug a tree.


In other news, I did a short podcast and uploaded it to SoundCloud. I commute about an hour and a half total each day.  I use that time to think up ideas for the strip, but it occurred to me that I could also do a podcast while stuck in traffic. I could answer your questions or just shoot the shoot.  My apologies for being a bit boring on this first one, but Jack kinda made up for it.  He’s quite entertaining.  I’ll get better, but it was a weird experience for me at first.

I don’t know how often I’ll be doing this.  Once a month was what I was thinking, but we’ll see. Please send me questions on Twitter, Facebook, or email and me and Jack will do our best to answer them.

See you Thursday!