TODAY’S COMIC: “Bombad Movie”

I raced to get this bombad  “Star Wars : The Force Awakens” themed strip done in time for the release of episode 7. It started as one idea… turned into another… then another… now it’s in its glorious final version!  You can see my creative struggle in the time lapse video I posted on Patreon .

As I’m typing this (Wednesday) I have no idea if I’ll get to see “The Force Awakens” today (Friday).  I’m pretty excited though.  It’s gonna be good to see the original cast together again… in a NEW STAR WARS!!

May The Force Be With You,


↓ Transcript

ONE: "Meesa bombad movie! Meesa gonna- GWAAA!!"
FOUR: "WOOHOOO! Great shot, kid! That was one in a trilogy!"

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