TODAY’S COMIC! “Shit Hole”

I’ve lived in a $#!& hole once.  Not the kind in this comic.

This strip is actually the second version.  The original one didn’t get a very good response, and I felt it was too hard to understand, so I simplified the idea and what you see now is the result. I like this new one better.

As you read this, I’m probably revving up a new Wacom Cintiq Companion.  Buying a new one was a safer bet than hoping my old one would get repaired anytime soon… and still work correctly.  I’ll be drawing new comics tonight!

Since I couldn’t work on comics this weekend, I worked on videos instead.  I updated the Patreon video and also created 3 more Instagram videos: “Along Came A Spider”, “Along Came A Spider 2”, and  “Lightsabers”

Enjoy today’s Skitter comic!




↓ Transcript

FLEA 1: "That's it! I'm Moving!"
FLEA 2: "Why?"
FLEA 1: " This place is a SHIT HOLE!"