TODAY’S COMIC: “Dodge Ball”

I don’t know if schools still let kids play dodge ball.  Everyone is so ‘careful’ these days.  They get trophies even if they lose at sports so no one feels bad. I can’t imagine that a game where the objective is to hit another kid with a ball will get past the safe-o-meter.  When I was a kid, though, dodge ball was glorious.  It toughened us up and prepared us for adulthood.

Or maybe it was just plain fun to smack another kid in the face with a big red ball.  *shrug*

Anyway… I have fond memories of dodge ball.  I hope my daughter gets to play it when she starts school.  And I hope she cracks Tommy in the face.


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Enjoy today’s strip!



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LUNA: “I hate boys-against-girls dodge ball!”

REEN: “Why?”

LUNA: “Cuz TOMMY’S a boy!”

TOMMY: “HA HAAA!  Jerks!”

BOYS: “Yay! Tommy! Boys rule! Yay!  Yay!”