When I was in grade school, there were no bullies at lunch. It wasn’t until junior high that I encountered that kinda thing. And even then it wasn’t perpetrated against me. I feel bad for the kid that was bullied. I think his name was Randy. Skinny kid. Timid. This other guy, who was huge, would mess with him relentlessly. I didn’t, but I didn’t do anything to stop it. I laughed along. I guess that made me a bully as well.

But back in grade school, things were peaceful.  I remember how much our lunchboxes meant to us. Which one you had identified you. One year I had some caveman show called “Korg“. Another year it was skateboarding. I wish I still had them. I DO still have a Rambo.

Nice!  I just typed this blog up on my iPhone while waiting in line at the post office. I’m about to mail Skitter stickers to some international fans who subscribed to Skitter email. Technology rules!  

Enjoy today’s comic!



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LUNA: “What the?”

JACK: “Oh! I swapped your normal lunch for something we can both eat… Grasshoer goulash, ladybug lasagna, and a side of flench flies…”

TOMMY: “Gimme your lunchbox!  JERK!”

munch munch munch

TOMMY: “Thanks for lunch!  HAAA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”