If only we had a tracker like this for Coronavirus/ COVID-19/ ChinaVirus/ CCPVirus/ Kung Flu.

We could track this sucker down and eliminate it. Although it would be scary to find it was already in your house.

Speaking of my house, this is Day 12 ( I think ) of the Illinois lock down.  Or at least that’s how long I’VE been cooped up.  For the most part I haven’t gone anywhere. I went to the grocery store once right at the beginning.  Picked up some pizza for dinner once.  Hit the Culver’s drive-thru twice ( one trip I’ll explain below )

Yesterday I was feeling kinda drained.  So was Kate.  I wondered if it was a lack of oxygen in the house and decided to step out in the yard for some fresh air.  Kate and Luna joined me.

Luna’s only 5 ( almost 6 ).  She doesn’t understand social distancing yet.  Who really does? She knows there’s a virus out there that we’re trying to avoid, but she really wants to play.  Taking her outside just reminded her of what she’s been missing: Friends.

She didn’t want to come back inside.  There was a lot of crying.  “But I just want to play”.  It was pretty heartbreaking.  Me and Kate both tried to comfort her with hugs and explanations, but she wasn’t having it.

Maybe a day ago, she commented that we were in the house a lot and jokingly asked if this was the end of the world. I simply reminded her of the virus.  She’s a bit nervous about it.  How do you comfort a kid when they know something’s not right.

I decided to take her with me to the Culver’s drive through so she could get out a bit ( Even if only in the car ).  As we drove, I pointed out all the businesses that were closed AND open.  I haven’t left the house in about a week.  It was striking to see all the empty parking lots.  Some businesses had banners to let us know they were still open for take-out.

I was mostly trying to show Luna that this virus is real.  You can see that everyone else is affected.  But it’s not scary.  The world is still out there. Life goes on.

The trip seemed to soothe her.  She stopped crying and was actually in a happier mood. Especially because she got a concrete with oreos.


John Vogel