First off… If you don’t know who this is in the comic… It’s Travel Man.  Great show.  Definitely check it out.  The guy’s impressive vocabulary combined with his nasal-y voice is seriously hilarious.

Second off… Apparently my coronavirus comics have pissed off Twitter.  Or at least I think that’s why they suspended my account. They also suspended Rudi Guliani’s account for spreading misinformation about the disease.  They’re on a rampage right now suspending accounts that say things they don’t like.  All I know is 4 comics ago I posted a strip that pokes fun at the pandemic… as well as probably violates a couple other of their rules.

Twitter hasn’t responded to me yet as to why they shut me down.  I have no idea how long the ban will last.  For a communication company, they don’t say much.  Kinda passive aggressive. “Oh, YOU know what you did!”

If you wanna help a cartoonist out… share my comics with your friends and relatives in any way you can ( Not Twitter. I don’t want you to get in trouble)

Third off… I think my mom has the virus.  She’s had a lot of the symptoms the past week.  Tonight she’s in the hospital.  Please send good vibes, prayers, whatever you can.

One scary thought, though… If she doesn’t have covid, she may catch it at the hospital anyway.

John Vogel