Are there any love songs about estrogen spikes?

I think every guy in a relationship with a woman wishes he had forewarning of her hormonal cycle.  For a few weeks we’re lulled into a sense of ease.  But then THAT WEEK arrives and we clumsily step on a land mine;  Doing or saying something seemingly minor that evokes an eruption.

In our heads we think, “God dammit! I should have known it was about that time and just kept my mouth shut!”

Then we try to do what guys do best: science our way out of it.

Many of us try to avoid the situation altogether by keeping tabs on her cycle either on paper, digitally… or like me… in an app on our phone.  (Yes, I used to have one of those.  )

It’s a totally useless endeavor because 1) no calendar can ever accurately predict the coming storm and 2) there is absolutely nothing you can do once she’s all fueled up on estrogen anyway.  Anything you say or do can and will be used against you.  The fury has nothing to do with your words or actions… it has nothing to do with the crime you’re being accused of… you can’t even just keep silent… she just wants to fight.

This comic is based on a story I was told by a friend.  He kept a calendar that documented his girlfriend’s cycle.  Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend found it!  I think she was hormonal at the time, so you can imagine the beating he got!

I’ve kinda given up trying to figure out what to do once She-Hulk visits.  I’ve been told by my girl what actions to take… and I’ve followed the advice to the letter… but it’s no use.  None of it works. I simply have to assume that I’ll be in Hell for the next 3-6 hours; the time it takes for her to run out of gas.

John Vogel white

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