I need a man cave…

So, before you go and say, “What? Two woman-bashing comics in a row?! HOW DARE HE?!”
Let me just say… “Lighten up. It’s a joke.”

Besides, I’m not bashing women. I’m making fun of them. It’s different. 😁

Since 2012 I’ve lived in a house crawling with females. After years of dealing with estrogen craziness, I think I’ve earned the right to poke fun at the ladies.

Of course, these last couple strips won’t go over well with the ladies in my house. I may not survive beyond tomorrow for this. If you don’t see any new comics next week… call the police.

John Vogel white

( This comic’s Patreon “Thank You” goes to Ryan B! Check out his Twitch channel ! P.S… Ryan is good to women and would never poke fun at them. Unlike me 😄 )


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