“Arcade Games”

If you don’t know, I got my big artistic career break in arcade games.  The arcade industry ran out of lives around the turn of the century but the home market hit start to continue.

galloping Ghost

There aren’t many arcades left in the US, but there is an amazing one in Brookfield, Illinois that tries to keep the magic alive.  It’s called Galloping Ghost Arcade.  Doc Mack and his crew have brought together one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, arcade game collections in the world.

They seek out and restore every game you can think of, no matter how obscure.  They even have a full-sized “Judge Dredd”…  a game I worked on but was never released! And a 6-player “The Grid”; another game I worked on.  Who in the world has a collection of 6 Grids linked together?  Galloping Ghost does, that’s who!

I have a few full-sized arcade machines at home.  My toddler loves to walk around on the control panels (with me spotting her, of course.  I’m not an idiot).  She calls the games “Aah-Eeee”.  No idea why.

One night I was taking a “Strikeforce” (my first game) side art sticker to Doc and brought Kate and Luna along. We told Luna we were going to Aah-Eee Town.  The sight of all those games all fired up and making noise blew her little mind!  She kept shouting “AAH-EEE!  AAH-EEE!”  It was hilarious.  I’ll see if I can find the video I put together of her running around the rows and rows of games.  I’ll post it here.

Doc, Eduardo, and John (and I think Will and Peter) from Galloping Ghost are all Skitter Patreon supporters.  Thanks, guys!

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