This is ( almost ) art imitating life.

It started with a booklet of questions Kate would test Luna with. They were meant to determine a kid’s the level of intelligence. Luna was surprisingly good at answering them.  Every time she got an answer right, we’d praise her for it.

As a joke, instead of praise, I said, “What?!… No daughter of MINE is gonna be smart!  Get out of this house right now!”

Luna thought it was hilarious. Feigning being upset.  I kept doing it.  Eventually she didn’t like it when we praised her. She’d rather be threatened with eviction every time she got answers right.

Is this a girl thing?  The ‘opposite’ game?

Anyway, recently Luna had the hiccups and I threatened her with eviction for it.  Laughs ensued. That event is what this strip is based on.

On a side note…. I showed Luna this comic strip and she was very upset.  She didn’t like that I portrayed her as crying.


John Vogel