TODAY’S COMIC: “Oblivious”

It seems Gypsy is pretty oblivious to Jack’s plight.  Maybe Rhonda is right. If you’re wondering what the heck Jack’s plight is exactly, check out “Arachnophobia“, “Along Came A Girl“, and ” Along Came A Girl 2

Last week was a difficult one in terms of drawing my comic strip.  Lots of things got in the way. Most specifically my toddler.  She just wouldn’t go to sleep early enough. But Saturday I managed to whip out a whole comic strip in a few hours, so that made up for it!  With my schedule in tact, I used the extra time to start work on my first ebook.

Has anyone published an eBook before? I mean put one together with pics and text and got it to iTunes or iBooks and sold any?  I’d love to pick your brain. What’s the best app or program to create one?

I’ve already started using Adobe’s InDesign, but Sunday I was playing around with an iPad app called Book Creator.  It was amazingly easy. I spent more time formatting my comics than actually creating the book itself.  I’ve got a cover and 9 pages of comics set up so far. I’m pretty excited.  I’ll be posting the finished ebook to Patreon as well as (hopefully) to iTunes or iBooks… whichever works.  I’ll probably put them up for purchase on the Skitter web site as well… if I can figure out how.

I also purchased the Electricomics app which seems like it might allow for some interesting control, like guiding the reader from panel to panel through the comic strips.

I’m really excited to spit out an Skitter eComicBook sometime soon. It’s cool seeing the comic strips all collected together.

See you Thursday!



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↓ Transcript

GYPSY: "You busy? I need to talk... Ok, so you remember Rhonda, right? Ladybug?... I found out she's been talkin' smack about me... Says I'm self-absorbed... That I'm completely oblivious to anyone's problems but my own and- "