TODAY’S COMIC: “Pretending”

Thus concludes the epic tale of Dr. Poo and his time traveling port-o-potty, the T.U.R.D.I.S.

“Pretending” is my way of abruptly ending a story line I didn’t know what to do with.  Problem was, the conclusion really seemed to come out of nowhere.  Soooo…

I created the comic strip “Girl Legos” and placed it at the beginning to sort of bookend the whole thing.  It was a total afterthought, but it got a great response!  Sometimes writing comic strips can be like that. The ideas that seem like throw-aways turn out to be the ones people really gravitate toward; like Survivor’s hit song “Eye Of The Tiger“. From what I understand, that was a throw away song they whipped up and recorded in a day.  It turned out to be the #1 song of the year in America (not that “Girl Legos” is that big of a hit, but it did pretty good)

Next up… some random gags to cleanse your palette!



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JOHN: “Greetings.  John here again… The previous four strips have been an exciting and suspense-filled ‘Dr.Who’ parody featuring a time-traveling port-o-potty… It’s undoubtedly my best writing to date… I’m sure you’re all on the edge of your toilet seats wondering what potty-themed hijinks Jack and Luna will encounter as they are flushed into the unknown… But, in homage to the dream conclusion of J.R. Ewing’s epic murder mystery on ‘Dallas’… I too shall abruptly end this gripping adventure by explaining it away as Jack and Luna… pretending.”

JACK: “OK OK I GET IT!… The time machine is spinning out of control!… so howbout we pretend FIX it and LAND somewhere BEFORE SOMEONE GETS PISSED OFF AND QUITS PLAYING?!”