I ask Luna to give me 5 all the time.  In the car.  When I drop her off at Preschool. It’s just something we do.  Sometimes she gives me “foot” where she tries to smack my hand with her… foot.

She thinks its hilarious.

One morning while driving her to school, I asked her to give me five. I think she was in a cranky mood because she flipped my hand up instead of smacking it down.

“Did you just give me NEGATIVE five?!”

She laughed.

I have a video I’ll post later of Luna reviewing this comic strip. I’m not sure if she remembers that interaction in the car, but to my surprise she blurted, “Did I give you NEGATIVE five?!”

I find it hard to believe that a 4-year-old knows what a “negative” number is.  She must have remembered our car ride.  Her memory is pretty amazing.

John Vogel


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