So, yeah, I was more critical of Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump during the election.  Her email scandal spooked me.  She was really careless and seemed to get away with it.  What does it mean when the head of the FBI says publicly that she knowingly broke the law, but that she’s not going to be prosecuted?

Not that Trump didn’t have his share of questionable issues, but he was already getting hammered by the press.   
I took the less-cool route and hammered Clinton… with some comics actually about hammering…
But now that the election is over, and Trump is in office, it feels a bit like a roller coaster ride with scary things happening almost every day.  Did they really happen?  Is he giving away secrets?  Is he colluding with the Russians? There’s too much speculation at this point,  but it all seems like it’s pointing to carelessness and possible corruption; the thing I criticized Clinton for.
Personally I don’t believe Trump is doing bad things.  I think he’s doing stupid things and just can’t stop putting his tweet in his mouth.   I’m willing to give him a chance to learn and transform from a business man who can do whatever he wants into a president who has to be more careful.
*Crossing Fingers*
John Vogel white
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