Only recently has the REAL Luna started responding to me with “whatever”.
It is true that the real Luna is highly manipulatable with the reverse psychology.

AAAAND literally as I was typing this, Kate returned home with Luna. I told Luna to take off her coat and shoes. She refused.
I said it again. She still refused.

Then I said…

“Don’t you dare take off your coat and put it away!”

She took off her coat and put it away.

“Don’t you DARE take off your shoes and put them away! No! Don’t you DO it!”

She took them off and put them in the proper place.


She looked confused.

I reached out and picked her up, “Thank you for taking off your coat and shoes and putting them in their proper places!”

Luna said… “You tricked me…”


I gotta turn this into a comic strip somehow.


John Vogel


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Relativity thumbnail

↓ Transcript
Therefore, we need to stop past Luna from eating red candy.
How do we do that?
Easy! I'll go back in time and tell mt past self not to eat it!...
"don't help us" they said...

Easy!... The trick is we tell past luna to eat the candy!
Right! Cuz she never does what she's told!