SAGA: Spider Vs Flies

Saga: Spider Vs Flies

Being a spider, Jack has eaten his share of flies.  They are delicious, nutritious, and not too smart, so they’re easy to catch. But even simple flies can be pushed too far…

SKITTER - Purple Haze

SKITTER - Seance

Fly Trap



SKITTER_2017-01-31_Maggots_NIKI H

SKITTER_2017-02-02_Name_SAL D

SKITTER_2017-02-07_Dada_COURTNEY L

SKITTER_2017-02-09_Flies Of War_DOC M

SKITTER_2017-02-14_Shoo Fly_SARGOUN H

SKITTER_2017-02-16_Potty Break_CHRIS P


SKITTER_2017-02-23_Double Cross_BEN BD

Two Things


Spider Bite

Spider Spied Her

Predatory Behavior


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