Like “Trump Likes Skitter ” and “Katy Perry “,  this is a comic that kinda needs to be posted sooner rather than later for timeliness reasons.  I’ve got a buffer of comics that go about one month out.  But if I waited a month to post these, they might not have the impact that they would right now.  So I’ve shuffled my strips around to allow for these more time-sensitive comics to come out sooner.

If you have absolutely no idea what “Covfefe ” is, it’s a typo Trump tweeted that the media and people in general blew up into an actual news story.  It’s totally not worth talking about, but it’s become a meme and has taken on a life of it’s own.

Now everyone is saying “covfefe”.  It’s like the Smurfs smurfing a smurf until you just can’t SMURF it anymore!


John Vogel white

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