Was that Hawking Radiation spewing out of his black hole?

I know… this comic is really bizarre.  That’s because I simplified it from the original version, which had way too many ideas in it… and wasn’t very funny.

For starters, I was trying to express the idea that Stephen Hawking is really a creation of aliens used to influence human development throughout time.  I even referenced Thoth ,  Quetzalcoatl , and Prometheus  as though they were also contructs of these same ancient aliens ( In keeping with this comic)

I was also trying to explain Stephen Hawking’s condition;  It’s less work for the alien’s puppet arm if he just doesn’t move it much.  ( Seems as though aliens are master puppeteers  )

As well, the aliens had discovered an odd phenomenon in which the less their Stephen Hawking puppet moved, the more humans would take it seriously.

So, yeah… that’s a lot of weird stuff to express in one little comic strip.  It just wasn’t working.  How did I fix it?  I turned to the time-tested champion of humor…

I transformed it into a fart joke.

You’re welcome.

John Vogel white

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