Hayabusa2 is a Japanese space agency (JAXA) spacecraft that intercepted an asteroid and dropped some probes on it. The probes sent back amazing pics of the asteroid itself.  
I’m really into this kinda stuff.  Especially since I’ve been reading “The Expanse” series. It’s all about mining asteroids. There’s a whole class of people who live in the asteroid belt called “Belters”. 
I came up with the idea for this strip on my commute to work. I had no comic strip ideas to start the week and decided to come up with something relevant to current events.  The first thing that popped into my head was the Japanese asteroid probe.  
How can I make this funny?
Immediately the word “Asteroid” saved me.  Make a mash-up combining the Hayabusa2 and the video game “Asteroids“. 
I have to say the most fun part of drawing this was drawing the video game graphics.
John Vogel
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